Getting Started with Dorik
Step-by-step guide to get started with Dorik

Starting a New Website

Step 1: To create a new Website. Click on "+ New Website" button on the top right corner of the dashboard.
"+ New Website" Button on the right side of the dashboard navigation bar.
Step 2 - Choose A Starting Point: Select a template if you want to start with a template. To start with blank canvas, click "Start from Scratch" button. To import template, click "Import Template" button.
Choose your starting point
Step 3 - Building / Customizing Website: Build or customize your website by following our Builder Using Guide →​

Saving Your Website

You can save your website as draft without publishing to live URL. Click on Save button from Top Navigation.
"Save" will save your website as draft. It won't affect your live website. To make your website live you have to "Publish" your website. Read more about Draft & Published Site​ →​

Publish Your Website

To make your website live. Click on "Publish" button. Write your Site Tile and Site Description. Set your site URL ( Subdomain or Custom Domain ) and click "Publish Website"
Publish Website
Learn more about publishing and website and configuring domain