Builder Basics
Learn basic about the Dorik Builder. The following guidelines will be helpful to understand and work with the Dorik website builder.

Builder Structure

Builder Structure (Click to zoom-in)
Above is a visual representation how builder components works. Dorik builder works in a structured way to build any layout without breaking. Adding Section, Row and Columns is required before adding any element like text, image, buttons, etc.


Sections is the main base block of building anything. Sections contains all other elements inside it. Section need to be added first to make any design.


Rows are first layer of containers inside a section. Sections holds columns and elements inside it. Multiple rows can be added inside a section and style them differently. Row comes with section and column by default.


Columns are resizable element holders that sits inside a row to design any layout without breaking the layout. Multiple columns can be added inside a row in multiple lines. Columns comes with a new section automatically.


Elements are main modules to add text, image, button and other contents in website. It is required to add a section, row and column first to add any element. Multiple elements can be added inside