How to add buttons in Dorik Builder.
Add button in and edit the styles of button including adding and positioning icons. Please check following video for working example.


Button Contents accordion inGeneral tab has following options are available
  • Edit button text
  • Button text size, color, & other text style options
  • Button alignment
  • Add button icon & style icon
  • Text shadow

Button Background

Add color or gradient on background in button in normal and hover stage. Please check video above for working example. For more details about background please check How to Edit Background Styles and for hover styles please check Hover Styles​
Add custom link / URL in button from Button Link accordion

Inline Buttons

To make 2 or multiple buttons inline with each other. Please check following video.
Inline buttons will not work if "Vertical Alignment" in column setting is not set to "normal" (default is Normal)

Inline Buttons: Align Center

To align multiple inline buttons to the center. Go to column edit modal and set horizontal align to center.

Styles Tab

Common Styles used in styles tab. Control the settings in styles tab from common styles.
Last modified 2yr ago