Text / Pargraph
Text / Paragraph element to add paragraph texts in the site. To add this element, Learn How to Add New Element →​
Open the editing modal of the Text / Paragraph by clicking


In general tab, Edit the text, font size, alignment, backgrounds, etc.
To change font-family, Go to "Global Styles" -> "Body Typography". We recommend to setup font-family from "Global Styles"

Text Settings

Edit the text and style the text as needed
In text setting, make various changes to the text / paragraph. See the video above for more details.
  • Update / Edit Paragraph Text
  • Text Alignment
  • Text Color
  • Font Size
  • Spacing & Line Height
  • Text Transform
  • Text Underline / Overline / Strike-thorough
  • Text Shadow

Text Background

Add color and gradient background to Text / Paragraph element. Learn more about how to add background color and gradient​ →​

Styles Tab

Common Styles used in styles tab. Control the settings in styles tab from common styles.